Respect Girls

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Stop being so hard on your self seriously fuck what society has to say about being beautiful, you are ALL beautiful in your own way inside and out, some girl just sent an anon to me saying ” im 75 kg i feel like shit now. ” weight doesnt define you for who you are your amazing. Screw all the bitches at your school or the girls who think you not beautiful or think your fat if they say it to you just turn around and say ” fuck you im beautiful ” then tell them to kiss your ass.. im sick of everyone saying there ugly or fat because for them saying that to you doesnt make then skinny or pretty does it, your all fucking amazing im here for you if you want to talk anon or not please im here to listen not to be “tumblr famous for god sake”. If you are reading this you are god damn beautiful <3 x

To the anons who hate on people!

Seriously stop being so immature stop hating on these people you dont even know me personally i have NEVER send a hate message on tumblr once! grow some ladie balls come off anon and stop hating! your making girls feel even more insecure about there bodys when there fine? i normally respect girls but this is fucking bullshit go fuck your self little immature little fucks <3

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